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The one and done body

The 1996 Hot Wheels - Chevy Stocker #618 aka Huffman stocker.

Only issued in 1996 made in China this was the only Hot Wheels Chevy Stocker body that correctly had the proper 89 Monte Carlo Aerocoupe design.


The 1989 Chevy Stocker did have the look of the 80’s G-body it’s front and rear had more of the Buick Regal look than Chevy Monte Carlo.

The one thing that was changed (beside the body) was the base the front was filled in since it didn’t have the cut out for the front bumper opening


The 1996 retool is among one of the top choices for down hill races with how heavy it is with out modifications and the China made wheels roll really smooth (other China built cars from this time frame do well). I do have one in blister still and I was happy to have picked this one up last night lose just so I didn’t have to crack mine open to race it. Then again I might even take this one out of competition and slap some proper nascar good year eagles on it.

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