Big things with little cars

Quite simple BTTF=Back To The Future DMC=DeLorean Motor Company 1984=year I was born

Back to the future had a major impact in my life growing up. It was the first VHS movies my family brought it introduced me into the world of Sci Fi and the first car love of the DeLorean. I rewatched that move to the point my parents had to buy another copy cause it was worn out. I can almost recite the movie from start to finish. I know the car itself wasn’t a Corvette or lambo or big name fast spots car it was the idea of it going into time to change the past or future.


To this day I still love the trilogy and while a bit dated and seeing the plot holes that you missed as a kid it doesn’t bother me it enhances it in a way.

I still remember going into a kaybee toy store and finding the Johnny Lightning Hollywood on wheels time machine and going crazy.

I know the above collection is small but as long as I have some sort of trace to the movies I’m happy.

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