So what’s in the package?

The clue is on the box.

You probably already determined its origin. What do most die cast lovers order from there? Sure lots of different brands available over there. So I posted something back a couple of weeks ago about a sale on die cast.

There were a few here that place an order as well. You got it. This is the famous Tomica sale from Japan Booster and some of you have already posted their goodies. Mine arrived today so here it is.


It seems the huge box has something to do with an AM radio station vehicle. I wonder if the man pictured on the box is a famous radio celebrity? If anyone can read Japanese I sure would like to have a translation on what’s on the box.

Also I notice that during the sale most of the models seems to have only one available so once it’s gone there’s no guarantee of a restock unless they’ll go back order. By then the sale might be over.


I will hopefully feature them up close on my future blog.