Big things with little cars

The Parts Dept. part 1

I’ve decided to give up some of my parts secrets, accumulated/earned over years of hunting and digging. You can’t turn thousands and thousands of diecast cars over in your hands without now and again discovering a small piece that will work really well on another project.
I have lots of these, and I probably won’t get to use them all, so I’m going to point out as many as I can, as long as anyone is interested
Here’s Something you might see in the 25 cent bucket, the Matchbox Hi-Tailer. An homage to the Can Am racers in general, and (in my opinion) Porsche in particular.

Missing head is de rigueur at this price level, the injector pipes on the V8 have been ground down by too many excursions off track, lots of playwear, etc.
But, look in the back, nicely protected from almost every angle by the wing:


Tailpipes, anyone?

Just enough indentation so I don’t have to try drilling, two sets of two, 25¢.
I’ll post some photos of the cleaned up pieces once this gets drilled.
More to come.

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