Muscle Machines ‘02 Acura RSX.
Previously, I’d only consider the muscle machines with whitewalls and baby moons, as that’s my all-time favorite diecast tire/wheel combination.

Once I started picking up (almost) anything with real riders tires, I turned my eyes to the Import Tuners series.

Just one screw opens it all up. Not only do they all have “rubber” tires...


Slotted Rotors are cast into the back half of the wheel! The wheels are two piece, the 6 spoke outers, which can be painted easily once they’re separated, and the back with cast rotor, held together by a wide black rubber band with treads.
Note to dek34 and Philipilihp: I plan to cast these rotors in resin, maybe this can do away with the need to trim sequins? At the very least, here’s a cheap source of rotors. I distinctly remember that this was a 40¢ purchase.

Interior has some nice detachable racing seats, complete with yellow Simpson 5-points harnesses. A steering wheel that’s not a plastic mushroom and actually seems happy to be here.
But...the jewel in this rescue lies under the hood:


Chrome Turbo w/Fresh Air Intake! Of course I’ll douse it in oven cleaner and repaint it with more appropriate metallic tones. This one little piece was well worth the 40¢ for the whole car!


I wasted spent a few lovely hours trying to create tiny little turbo units using polymer clay, but they all came out looking like flattened snails.
I’ve been keeping an eye out for another one of these for some time now for a twin turbo Porsche engine I’m cobbing together from parts, but I might as well share another of my secrets as some most all of you customizers are quicker than I.
Happy parts hunting!