When the car, IS the part:

I’ve teased images of this Porsche in the past, and it’s obviously not anywhere near being finished, so it’s time to come clean on whatizit so those with the skills required can give it a shot.
This is one of the Slam Shifter cars, from Ideal:

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Basically, a parent approved way of shooting your little brother with a diecast toy. They’re all alike beneath the bodies, two axles (with “rubber” tires on the rear), and a rectangular “base.”


This is how my first one was, minus the cleanup, when I found it. No rear axle and the paint was there in name only. It’s been my experience that quite a few of my fellow hunter/collectors don’t even consider diecast that are missing major pieces, and luckily so for me, as that’s how I stumbled on this nicely detailed 934.

The “Slam” in Slam Shifters was this little launcher unit, each vehicle had a squarish opening in the back bumper, you’d lock your car into the slot and SLAM it as hard as you could. Expect to see more nose damage on any parts/body donors you find:


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When I was examining the one I found, it was immediately apparent that the shifter port was the perfect showcase for a nicely detailed Porsche engine (still in progress...). It needs a new base too, but that should be easy enough to cut down from another Porsche diecast.

Yatming shown for engine bay comparison


My Porsche’s lot has been cast, so to speak. This Ferrari is another body donor, and the Corvette will remain intact for the next owner.
For more Slam Shifter info, here are a couple of trusted (by me) sites.


Lastly, for a bit of humor from the bay, this seller (no connection) has been trying to sell what’s left of another Porsche from the series. Read his description. He started at $30, and is now down to $5.99


It still rolls, for crying out loud...lol. I’d bet one could make an offer for $6 shipped (or even less) and end his misery.