What you see here is a long line of cars waiting for their photoshoots. Lots of cars have arrived at my home recently, from both HWEPs and HAWLs. To all of those who have sent out packages to me, I have received all of them! Thanks go to shop-teacher, sowles, GT-RGuy, Plasticprints, and vdubyajohn for the cars shown above. I’d also like to thank all the others who’ve already had their HWEPs featured by me last week. It’s been a great first experience for me and definitely something I want to continue going into the future.

That being said, I’m gonna have to carve out some time to get all of these up on LaLD. Lots of great models here, covering a variety of brands and time periods. Some of these have been trapped in their cages for more than a decade, some maybe two decades. I’ve never been shy about setting my cars free, so I’ve let the beasts out! Expect to see these after LaLD car week is over. Here’s a teaser just for kicks, and to keep this post somewhat interesting:

Speaking of which, I’m really excited for Car Week! It was fun for me the first time around and I’m eager to participate for a second time. I have a very special car planned for tomorrow. I’ve kept it a secret thus far and it’s something you probably won’t expect from me. Look out for it sometime tomorrow!