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The RAOK/HWEP Phenomenon Strikes Again

I recently had a HWEP with Plasticprints II, and one of the cars I was fortunate enough to receive was my very first McLaren F1 GTR.This one’s already DLM’d and sitting on the work bench, wondering what I’m going to do to it...


But this is about more than a hot new release (or two) in my hands. You may have heard me wax philosophically about my little theory that once I buy or trade for something, it appears in my area.
Note: Plasticprints II also sent me the hot new Zamac Porsche...

Sometimes I forget to change the mode from indoors to outdoors, and photoshop doesn’t quite make up for it...

So, naturally, I go out to the Dr’s, stop at TRU and Walmart along the trip, as is my way, and I find them both! (At TRU...Walmart is still putting out “fresh” J, K, & L cases. One of them just put out a case of the Fast & Furious HWs! Timely...)

And, I had one of those rare moments that we all dream appears I was the first one to browse HWs after the stocking of the pegs...get out to TRU!



I picked up 2 sets of the Mazda Then & Now set if anyone has trouble finding both cars. Don’t ask me why I picked up one of the Street Wieners, it just struck me as funny. I guess I needed to know if the grille rear spoiler closes...


Oh, and Plasticprints II also sent me a couple of short card VW T2 Pickups, on short cards, as you can see in the previous photo, I found 2 long carded T2 Pickups.

So, if you can’t find something new locally, buy or HWEP for it and more of the same will could appear. Works every time! frequently...


And, these from last week...


Bonus Question on the Honda CR-X: Did they really have hoods that dipped down that far into the engine bay? Even if they were aftermarket. It looks like you could put a luggage rack in there and not obstruct forward line of sight.

I think I’m set for a while, which works out really well for my physical sanity and homeostasis. Still, I’m trying to decide on whether or not to go to the big airport flea market this’s a lot of walking up and down the taxiways.

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