I picked up this bag of cars for $2, you may have already seen the Tomica Fairlady discovered within, here’s the rest.

The pink Z28 is a Zee/Zylmex, the rest have no brands imprinted on the base. I do think the dark red Jaguar is a Summer re-release. I also seem to attract Lancis Stratos casts like black dog hair on a white rug.

Four HWs in various states of disrepair, and one MBX.


Three Majorettes, the Jeep being the first one I recognized while still browsing.


Two Road Champs; I’ve never seen the Corvette before. It may have had an opening rear widow, but it’s gone now.

And the kind of junk you’d expect in a Bog O’Cars at a flea market, just not as much. All in all, two dollars well spent!


One more thing (NOT from the $2 bag...), if you have a 1:43 diorama set up, and would like a background prop car, this SL300 is flying on one wing.
Pay the freight and it’s your background car.