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The S2K contest goes on. Thank you to my supporters.

According to James’ last post, I was eliminated from the S2K contest after the first round. Obviously I’m disappointed as I received an unbelievable amount of praise and support for my work. However, the contest goes on and I was not held in such high esteem by the voters and judges in the contest. I lost fair and square to a great build and I just wanted to say how grateful I am to everyone for all the compliments and positive vibes everyone gave. It means so much and it put smiles on my face time and time again. I’m happy with the job I did despite the result and I’m even happier with the new friendships I’ve created. I will be voting in the contest from here on out and I suggest you all do the same. There’s some wonderful work in there. Here’s some more pictures of my car including the inspirations for the build:


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