I’m having trouble getting decent pics of stuff as I haven’t replace the lens I damaged on my DSLR, but it was still functional enough to get some passable shots of my workbench.

No matter how much I try, I can never keep this organized. The little drawers are supposed to be so each project can get put away when I’m not working on it. Instead they just pile up on the bench too. There are at least 28 projects in these pics, ranging from “done” to “body removed from the chassis”.That doesn’t include parts donors, unmodified cars, and stuff I have yet to start.

This end tends to have the more “done” cars. Some are finished, some need final details, some I’m still trying to decide on the last steps, and some I’m trying to decide if I want to keep or rip apart and start again.


And here is a close up, for people who want to do some advanced car spotting of stuff I’ll do proper posts on in the next month or so.