I released some teasers from my already done customs last week, and some of you got excited about the Jaguar you saw on those pictures. So, I introduce the story of this Corgi Whizzwheels Jaguar first.

I bought this Jag 2 years ago. It was in a really rough condition, and I was hesitating a lot about restoring it, or keep it on it’s original condition. Months passed by, and I thought that I will restore it somehow.

The condition I bought this gem, with a Corgi 2CV
It was made in 1969
A quick wheel swap. I thought that it will be perfectly fine
Months later, I decided to repaint it


But there was one major problem: I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to see as a result at the end. First, I paint it with brush, cause I didn’t have an airbrush, but I really wanted a matte black roof. The result was terrible, the paint was cracked, it looked really bad.

After that, I used the body to experiment with brush painting method, and see how much thinner I have to use with enamel paint. There was a time, when I put my custom Scion’s chassis under it, just for fun, to see how it looks.

The roof was a disaster. Although, all the body was painted with brush


With my custom Scion’s chassis. It looked like a real junkyard king.

But couple months ago, I got some spray can paint, and there was a pair of rubber hotwheels wheel in my shelf, so the time has come to the Jag. It rises from the ashes. The experiments are over, it’s time for this phoenix to fly again!

I knew that I cannot restore it like the original in 1969, but I can do something unique-ish, even it wouldn’t be beautiful at all. The idea of the Draguar was born.


Looks ready

So it got a matte black paint, two pair of different wheels, some details, and done. I was really tired of seeing it undone for years, I had to make it done, no matter how nice it will look. I just wanted to finish it for once and all.

“But if I make a Draguar, at least I want to add something plus for it.” So I made a (very bad looking) dyno, out of my medicine’s box and a couple of nerfgun ammo. Wanna see?


My home made dyno. It’s not nice, but at least quite ugly :D

I know, it’s not a beauty pageant, but I was working with what I had.

Finally, I show some photos of the results.

Draguar on the dyno


Remember, you wanted to see this, not me! :D That’s the story of my whizzwheels Jag. Not my finest work at all, so I will compensate it later! Bye!