Big things with little cars

Ladybots and gentlemaniacs; the Superfly/HW car.

First and foremost: a massive apology to the great philiphilip for the delay in this shoot, an issue I regret all-the-more considering his kindness in sending me the car and asking me to help design the liverly in the first place. In the words of the most devilischly heroic scourge the seven seas ever had: Complications arose, ensued, were overcome


Secondly, I’m Back!!!

tell a friend, you’ve created a monster

ok, back to the car, photodump ahead!

First test; the fields where she was built outside Stuttgart. or something
grass tickles

By the way, in case you’ve been in the bathtub the last half-year, here is the build-log, it’s worth the look:

  1. Part 1: origin story
  2. Part 2: it groweth
  3. Part 3: resultations
  4. Part 4: philiphilip takes a bow
Testing Phase 02: little rockcrawling to get those beefy tires and the diff oi warmed up
Testing Phase 03: the sand gets everywhere
Testing Phase 03.a: “sand dunes”
yup, “dunes”

Where else can/will/should it go?

Seriously though, I’m taking suggestions!

Testing Phase 04 is getting a little silly...
Little repair work needed after that killer jump, brah
Taking a little shade-break to let the block cool from the 100+ degree Dakar-testing heat
Thank the rollcage for this one....

That’s a wrap on my second collaboration together with the master, philiphilip.

See you again soon!!

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