Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Welcome to the first ever Live and Let Diecast Swap Meet! Once upon a time, we used to run two threads, one called The Hunt where people posted what they were looking for and one called The Block, where people posted what they had to trade. The Swap Meet combines those two into one big post. Just comment your most recent want list and trade list, if someone wants to see something on your trade list, post pics in the comments! Post your most recent lists in the comments and I’ll add them to the main post.


Wants: Greenlight Limos, Hot Wheels Ecto from Ghostbusters 2, Tomica, Japanese cars (kysosho/aoshima)

For trade: 1/18 Anson Mercedes E420, 1/18 Mercedes 500SL Convertible, 1/18 Maisto 1950 Ford, all kinds of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, 1/24 Welly Ford Crown Vic, 1/24 Welly Mercedes G-Class, Matchbox Ford Escort RS2000, Lesney Mercedes ambulance.
I am willing to trade large scale cars for smaller ones, especially if there’s tomica involved.


Wants: Any 80's to present Hot Wheels.

For trade: Revell-Monogram 1/64 Euro Hatch series Honda Civic-loose.
Hot Wheels Holden (?) Police car-loose
Hot Wheels ‘41 Willys drag car gold with “Smashmouth” on sides.-loose
Matchbox Inaugural Collection Alfa Romero 155. In package.


Wants: Tomica, Kyosho, Autoworld, select M2, Greenlight, select Johnny Lightning, Racing Champions, Siku, Majorette, Norev, mid to premium 1/18.

For trade: 1/18 AA Alfa 1750 GTV, 1/18 Jada Lykan Hypersport, several 1/18 Maistos/Bburago, several HW RedLines, 150 or so mostly older (pre 2007) HW, Racing Champions Impala chase, a few GL Green Machines.


Saab Wagon is best wagon
Wants: HW ‘05 Mustang, HW CRX, HW Integra, MBX Willys truck, MBX GT40, MBX Miata, MBX VW Transporter Crew Cab , Japan Historics RX3, Euro Style M3 and Abarth, HW Dodge Rampage, Majorette Pontiac Trans Sport, JL 1969 Plymouth Barracuda 60s Sizzle

For trade: BMW series, Stars and Stripes series, Zamboni, various new JLs, various M2s.

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