Got there around 10, say the “kids table they had up front. That’s where all the new stuff was, and where I managed to grab the $TH King Kuda thanks to a clerk who didn’t care much. Besides that, about 20 people went by the tech section where they raffled names off so they could pick one car out of a case of only like 12 cars. There was only one of these cases. Anyone else who put their name in who didn’t get called got screwed. Went back to the kids table where there was only 4 left but 2 unopened cases that they didn’t bother to open. When I asked the new clerk on duty told me it was only for kids and then took the cases to the back room. Overall it was kinda a waste of time. The single dump bin they had was a small one with cases from like the end of 2017. I hope they’re just getting their stride and this isn’t how they all are, because from what I’ve heard about K-Day this doesn’t even compare.