Big things with little cars

It’s been 30+ hours since I last laid a layer (layer three), and as you can see, it still looks murky and hasn’t cleared up yet. I guess I accidently poured more than 1/18" last time, and before the previous layer completely dried too.

I actually did a small test before I even made this pond (shown below), where I laid a second layer of realistic water before the first was completely cured, and it turned out fine.


The Woodland Scenics FAQ said this, “Depending on your workspace’s humidity level and the depth of your Realistic Water®, it may take longer than 24 hours to completely dry.....You can move the process along by placing the layout in an air-conditioned area with less humidity or using a fan in the room to circulate air.”

So now it’s a waiting game, because everything has come to a standstill. I was curious about what would happen if you didn’t follow the directions, because of this accident/mistake it looks like I will find out.

I just wanted to share this so others don't follow in my footsteps, :)

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