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The TorchBug Travels: Dutch Edition

The time has come! The time has come for another TTB post.

I am deeply honored in being the one to do a TTB post. After exchanging some e-mails with Uly, it has happened. The little TorchBug arrived on Dutch soil. What an adventure it is and what an adventure it will be.

I’ve had 2 major events planned for the TTB, one of which I’ve visited this past weekend and took the little bug with me, what a great day it was!


YoungTimer Event 2016

This past weekend was the annual YoungTimer Event in Boxtel, a smallish town in the south of The Netherlands.

As is visible from the map, the town is not very far from the Belgian and German border, thus making the Event very accessible for German and Belgian enthousiasts.


The YoungTimer Event at the Classic Park in Boxtel is considered the biggest event in the Benelux aimed at 70's, 80's and 90's era cars. It’s no surprise the Event draws many people from Belgium and Luxemburg, but also from France and Germany.

The event, like name says, focuses on a select range of cars, in between the proper classics and modern vehicles. An era which, in my opinion, is often forgotten.


We all drool at the million-dollar worth classic Ferrari’s, Deusenberg’s, Alfa’s, BMW’s, you name it, but I rarely see the same love and enthousiasm for a bit more modern cars. Don’t get me wrong here, I share the same passion for the oldie’s, but also have a great passion for the much younger lines, the much younger tech and much younger visions, designed into different cars.

The Day

The event, the day itself, it was one of those days I’m glad I packed my stuff and decided to go for it. Even though I had a nightshift the night before the event, there was nothing that could stop me, not even the downpour that was predicted for the day.


I packed up my stuff, strapped the Bug in for its trap and we took off! It was having a blast. The ITR and the Bug don’t share much in common, but I suspect the Bug was having quite some fun.

On our way to the YoungTimer Event 2016! TTB looking kinda sad because of the bad, typical Dutch weather.

The drive to the event was alright, unfortunately, the weather really did not feel like clearing up at all. When we arrived there, it was still raining, albeit with dry moments in between, but it looked like it was going to be a wet day.

Arriving at the event, I was greeted by one of the parking attendants, telling me and my friend that we were allowed to park inside the Classic Park, for free, because our cars matched their criteria (age-specific) and because there weren’t many Honda’s there to begin with. Great!

Even TTB got his own parking spot in the Classic Park. Doesn’t it look like a little pit bull in between its newly acquired Japanese friends?

Upon entering the park, we were greeted by some amazing vehicles entering and leaving the park. From Lancia Delta Integrale’s to BMW M3's to Citroen SM’s, I couldn’t really contain myself, so I let out a screech, like a little girl. It was one of those moments of weakness we all have when we experience something beautiful. I like to think TTB had the same feeling, being surrounded by greatness.

‘Hmm, the color seems to be the same, but he speaks a different language..’ I assume is what TTB thought.

The parking area within the Park is a huge grassed area, it reminds me of the GoodWood area, with a huge mansion in the middle. Walking around, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of car clubs had entered the event. The quirky-loving guy that I am, I just had to take a look at the AutoBianchi club and stumbled upon this beautiful AutoBianchi A112 Abarth.


I had a lovely conversation with the owners, but was feeling TTB poking me, aching to ask if I could take a picture with the one example he seemed to like the most.

‘Cousin! How have you been? How’s Herbie doing? You’ve aged very well, dare I say...:)‘

There were some mighty-fine cars to see. Immaculate machines, some driven daily, some show-queens, some projects. It has been quite a while since I have walked around with an open-hanging mouth of awe. I did not spot a VW club, however I did come across this amazing looking MK1 GTI. I know the guys across the large pond call it a ‘Rabbit’, but TTB was inclined I call it what it’s called, a Golf.


Besides the outside area, there was a whole mansion filled with cars inside. From racers to busses to trucks to three-wheelers to bikes. The inside seemed to play loosely on the ‘YoungTimer’ focus, as I had seen some ‘pre 70's’ cars, but nevertheless, both TTB and me were walking/driving around like zombies, eyeing everything at display.

TTB didn’t like me looking at the bug too much, but between you and me, it was one of the cleanest looking examples I’ve ever seen in my life.

‘I’m so pretty!!!’

I was trying to spread my focus, trying to absorb the beauty of all the cars there, however TTB had a couple of specific brands he liked. Uly, you never told me he’s a VW fan...:P I tried to explain that the car he was running off to, was not a YoungTimer, I tried to tell him that that was not what we were here for, but it was too late. We couldn’t leave until I made a picture.

‘You might be sporty, but I’m yellow!!!’

The mansion even had its own workshop, designed to help cars from all places, all ages and all origins. The TTB had its fluids and tires checked and got an A+ for maintenance. Good job LaLD crew and Opponauts!

‘Waaaaauuuuwwww, you’re wide and low and yellow and blue and.....’

As I mentioned before, TTb made some great friends at the Event. I had personally never seen a Spyker before, not in the wild, not on events, so this was quite a jaw-dropping sight for me. I tried to explain what we were looking at to TTB, but before I could show Holland on the map, he drove off.


This was the actual Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2.R driven by Tom Coronel in Le Mans and the 1000km of the Nurburgring. In the 2009 Le Mans race, the team ended with a 25th overall place and a 5th place in the GT2 class with this car.

The event was an enormous success. I’ve had so much fun talking to various folks, learning about their cars and hearing the stories behind them. TTB garnered quite some attention too. Everyone seemed to enjoy the project and I’m sure I made quite some people interested in LaLD, Oppo and Jalopnik.


Bonus Image:

‘A book about me?!?!?!?! But I can’t read it....:(‘

Besides Die-Cast models, I’m an avid book collector, specifically car-related books. From old Haynes manuals to info booklets to model-specific encyclopedia’s, if it’s old, I’ll probably buy it.

At the event, there was a stand with all sorts of books about cars, in Dutch, but also in English. I couldn’t find any books about Beetles in English, but even if I could, I wouldn’t have bought it. This is an all-original Beetle booklet in Dutch and it will be added to TTB’s travels, should any of the temporary TTB caretakers ever need it. Adds a bit of a Dutch flavour to TTB’s memories.


I’ll be heading out to another ‘thing’ with TTB in a week or 2, let me know what you guys would like to see. I don’t want to reveal too much about the next visit, but keep an eye on LaLD. :)

Friendliest greetings from TTB in Holland.


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