I recently purchased the Greenlight Hitch and Tow ‘77 Chevy G20 van, off of the ‘ol Evilbay. I would never find it in a store around here, so I had to take to the internet. I received it yesterday, and opened it last night.

It’s really a nice casting! It’s just unfortunate that it suffers from Greenlight blemish disease. The left front side of the bumper has black streaks on it. Kinda like somebody wacked into a Chevy citation on the streets in the 80's, and didn’t do anything about it.

Even though it looks weird, it’s character grew on me.


The soul reason I bought this, was to have a hauler for my opened Maximum Leeway. I figured it would be realistic to have a dirt late model on the trailer.

I honestly think it kinda looks realistic. I have been a fan of dirt racing since I was a small child. So seeing a G20 pull a dirt car isn’t uncommon around here. Even today, I still see it from time to time.


So now, this will be on display full time on my desk.


Thank you all for the read!

90's casualty