I bought this Maisto 1993 BMW 325i Convertible for my son when he was probably 4 years old. I’ve always liked BMWs and at the time I owned a 1976 BMW 2002. Since then I’ve owned 4 more BMWs. They all drive great, but the reliability has been less than stellar if I’m honest.

This model is pretty cheap. You can find one on eBay for $10 to $35. The details are pretty bad. It’s like Tesla was responsible for the fit and finish. It’s that bad.

Look at the trunk, not BMW at all. BMWs may be difficult to keep free from check engine lights, but their body panels line up perfectly, even on older models.


It does open. Doors, hood, trunk all work.

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to win any engine contests with this one though. In fact, I don’t think the oil filter would sit that high up. To make it a true BMW engine, it would need to have coolant leaking everywhere.


The interior details won’t garner any awards either. But, I have great memories of getting this for my son. Who knows, I might give it back to him now that he’s an adult. Nah.