I find myself in a curious place in life where my 7-year-old daughter and I both watch toy unboxing videos on YouTube. (Lamley Group, Shopkins, same same.) So when I started occasionally DLM-ing cars, she decided that this would be her job

Yup! I finally did it! By having her do it! The JH2s are freeeeee!


I had them on the cards so long I actually got a little uneasy about this, but I’m glad she was there to rip them right out before I could get all neurotic about it. Why?

THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! Now that I see them out and about I’m actually a little disgusted by the idea of leaving them imprisoned. Those guys in El Segundo worked their butts off to make these things stand up to close scrutiny and it seems a pity to deny them that.

Also, now I have to keep hunting because I can’t keep up with her voracious unboxing appetite.