Big things with little cars

As my last weekend going to the bigger outdoor fleascapades, I took my time at the airport one. Got a lot of great stuff, but here are a few highlights. More to come...

The vendor selling the Tomart’s Corvette had several. When I got home and looked it up, I wished I had bought them all! Green one is by NewRay.
Gatornationals Pro Stock Firebird, by Action. One of the end caps came loose inside the box, so it doesn’t photograph well.
Factory error, this windshield was clamped in there at the factory. It reminded me of the exaggerated proportions of a kid’s PowerWheels...
My 2nd Imperial cast, the Corvette, a Tonka brand Choro Q copy Porsche, an unbranded Mustang which I’ll talk about later, and finally, my SECOND Dome Zero! I only knew about the Tomica, and the Faie versions.
I thought I’d found a Majorette Saab 9000. Turn it over and it’s a Renault 25. Am I the only one whop sees a resemblance?
No brand on the base of this Peugeot 405, but it looks a lot like the ones made by Burago. It IS 1:43, but I bought it anyway.
.I picked the bug on the right out of a 3/$1 bucket, thinking it was another Maisto, for parts
Technically, it was, but with the old MC Toys base. I don’t usually collect variations this small, but I figure it can always be a parts car again.
My favorite forage into the 3/$1 buckets netted me 3 cars with Pro Circuit wheels. To me, these are the precursor to co-molded wheels. I looked up the Camaro when I got home and it “may” be considered rare. It’s a HWs, says so on the base, but I found it being sold under other brand names...with the logo intact.

I’m debating a trip to the indoor outdoor flea supply, but I didn’t do my body any favors by walking yesterday’s entire event. So, we’ll’s still early.

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