Walter Wolf was an oil tycoon in the 70s. He was heavily involved in Formula 1 and owned a successful team. His team ended up getting 4th in the constructors championship in 1977. Not bad when you had teams like Marlboro McLaren, Elf Tyrrell, Ferrari, JPS Lotus, Martini Brabham and others. Racing drivers like Lauda, Villeneuve, James Hunt, Mario Andretti. It was one of the golden eras of F1, and Wolf had the penchant to run a successful team. By the end of the 70's his success had waned a bit and he was wanting a new toy.

He had had a Miura SV, and no less than 3 Lamborghini Countachs - al custom from the factory of course. He needed something faster.

Porsche in the late 70's was dominating racing with its 935. Built for Group 5, the 935 used a 3.3L twin-turbocharged engine putting out 845 hp. It ended up winning 123 of the 370 races it entered. At the time a Porsche 935 had won Le Mans that was tuned by Kremer.

Wolf wanted one. Porsche was not giving in to his requests, so he went to Kremer to build him one that he could take on the streets. They eventually gave in to him and built him a car that was extremely close to the race version. It was also a little detuned to only 740 hp. In 1979. This car could hit 210 mph on the autobahn.


Remember that the Ferrari F40 wouldn’t come out until 1987 and even then, it had under 500 hp and barely broke the 200mph limit.

Wolf’s car was a monster.


In the end, the only real differences to the race car were some marker lights, leather recaro seats, and an air conditioner for the driver only. Everything else was Le Mans spec, hence Le Mans written on the side. He was even able to register it in his hometown in Canada. Final build price? $800,000 - in 1980 when it was finished. So about $2.5 million today. Honestly... not a bad price at all. I’d rather have this than a Chiron, but that’s just me.

This 1/43 (team 1/43!!) model is from TSM and is pretty excellent, as to be expected from them. The little details are wonderful and my shots don’t show it, but the interior is excellent. I love how it has the battery disconnect and the individual windshield wipers on the top of the hood. Details matter! Also the BBS wheels are money.


Btw the actual car is for sale over at Mechatronik if you want a taste of that racecar life. Also sorry for the fuzzy images, I really gotta get my camera settings in order. I can never tell how a shoot has gone until post processing unfortunately :/