I can’t imagine how many eBay lurkers must hate me right now. There’s folks that would pay like $70 to get one of these, and then one of you fools (Alienprobe) here grabs TWO when I wasn’t even asking, just making a passing remark that the HW Veyron was on my hit list. Not to mention some customs I have some people setting up for me hopefully soon (for you guys, that’s on me, haven’t been able to ship because I’m poor. Sorry), and I gotta say, Live and Let Diecast is a anomaly. The Internet’s no place for this sort of kindness, this general decency and camaraderie. And yet here we are, handing eachother toys lesser men would probably strangle eachother over. Live and Let Diecast is the best online community I’ve been apart of, bar none.

Alienprobe also threw this in. At first I looked at it with it’s weird details and thought “oooh, a custom!” Then I got a clor look, noticed it’s smaller than the usual 1:64 size, and it had a port that slides out the back. I think it’s a USB but the plug is weird and I’m too weary to jam it into my laptop since I just got it fix. Either way it’s next, so thanks Alienprobe.