The venerable F-body Camaros have many detractors. The least respected of them all is the third generation, which ran from ‘82-’92. To be fair to those detractors, the third gen as a whole was the worst performing of them all. They developed a reputation as “mullet-mobiles”, their chassis is floppy, their engines are all relatively weak sauce, and they have one of the worst exterior size to interior room ratios of all time.

I don’t care about any of that, because I think they look fantastic. They look so gloriously 80's, that I can’t help but smile every time I see one. Their floppy chassis and weak motors are fairly easy to remedy, thanks to the General’s legendary parts interchangeability and a healthy aftermarket. I will own one someday, and I think that someday will be in the next 3-5 years. I love all generations of Camaros, but these third gens are my favorite.

Today I have a quartet of Camaros, and one of their pop-up headlight bretheren, a Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am.

My favorite of them all is this Auto World Deluxe ‘84 Camaro Z-28. The casting is spot-on, the tampos are wonderful, and dat two-tone! The only problem I have with this are those wheels. They are all kinds of wrong. This one isn’t going to be easy to wheel swap, look at how narrow the wheel wells are on it! The plastic bases are, unfortunately, plastic ... but they do at least have quite a bit of detail. One of these days I’ll muster-up the nerve to carve this one up for a proper set of shoes. Although first I’ll have to find a proper set!


Next we have two more AW Deluxes, these are ‘92 25th Anniversary Z-28s. They have the same pluses and minuses as the AW ‘84. Gotta love that 90's-tastic teal!


Next up is one of the last Johnny Lightnings I got before Playing Mantis sold out to Tommy. It’s also an ‘84 like the two-tone AW. A lot of JLs are not true 1:64 scale, but this one is dead-on with the others. The casting is great. The hood does open, but I forgot to take a shot of that. The tampos on the front and rear look really good, but they’re a little too big for the scale. I do love that this one is an IROC-Z though. That makes me smile extra. Wheels are unfortunately plastic, but they do look like era-correct drag racing wheels at least.


Last up is this Greenlight ‘87 Firebird. I forget if they were calling these Trans-Ams or not at the time. GM loves changing naming conventions. This thing is bang-on. The scale is perfect, the tampos are marvelous, the wheels and rubber tires are perfect. I like Camaros more, but this is the best model of all of these. No Greenlight QC problems on this one!