This is cool

This is a 1/43 Lola T70 from Minimodel OXA.

The Lola T70 was one of the best and most popular privateer prototypes of the 1960’s. With a good team and the right drivers, a T70 could pick a fight with Ferrari 330s, Ford GT40s, and the early Porsche prototypes. This model in particular is an early body T70 campaigned by Sid Taylor and F1 champion Denny Hulme in several races in 1967.


I absolutely love this model. I don’t know exactly when it was produced, but I think it must be at least 20 years old. Detail is good, and the best part is the body comes off to reveal the full chassis. You get a nicely detailed interior and a glorious Chevy V8, along with a spare tire and front bulkhead detail. Someday I’ll add some wiring and paint to get it looking even sharper.


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