First, a little background. I recently added a ‘16 pickup truck to the vwj paddock. When I can, I try to make/find a miniature of my vehicles, because, duh...
So, I immediately started dragging the bay for 2016 Ram 1500 diecast.
The first ones I came across were the HWs “2016" Ram 1500s with a yellow paint job. I started haunting the pegs waiting for one, while watching the bay for new variations. After that, all I paid attention to was colors. Mine is black, so, again, duh, look for black trucks with or w/o tampos which I can “easily” remove.
Not for nothing, but what’s up with the recent body wrap style tampos? I hit it with my trusty red dry erase marker, but found I was merely coloring, like crayons coloring. It didn’t budge

Some eye candy to ease us into the impending schadenfreude opportunity...

The tampos on the Skyjacker Ram 1500 are tough. My red dry erase markers just made them red, not gone. I stripped it and painted it with a bargain brand (Home Depot) gloss black, but it wouldn’t take in the crevices and body lines. It looked like it was pinstriped at every line, even after two coats.

I stripped it again and hit it with a primer coat of flat black, Rust-Oleum Camouflage 2X Ultra Cover, which sucks itself up into the smallest of details without adding too much thickness to the finish. Try it once, you’ll see what I mean.
Note: vdubyajohn will not receive a small portion of anything for mentioning this brand.
I followed that with a light coat of the gloss black and got this great semi gloss for my trouble. I still don’t know if I want to give it another coat for a glossy finish, or leave it like this. (Spoiler alert: he knows...)


I found a couple of 8 spoke hub donors. I say hub, because I want to try to make my own deep dish wheels using those as the, well, hubs...
I’m fairly certain someone here wrote a piece on making your own deep dish wheels, but I haven’t found the right keywords to bring it up in a search. Please let me know if you remember what I’m talking about.
So, anyway, I intended on painting the bed and the back of the cab to match the rest of the truck, maybe. I had planned on filling in the sunroof, but I backed off any further plans when I realized that this cast


IS A 2006 RAM 1500!

The one on the bay was RELEASED in 2016...


I’m TEN YEARS Off! Disclaimer: I know nothing about trucks. (All my cars, until now, have been easy on the gas.) To me, they all look the same but for the grilles...sorry truck bros.


It’s “close enough” in the design that I’ll finish this truck. There are a couple spots in the paint where I could have done better, so, who knows? Maybe I’ll paint it again too, while I’m deciding on the wheels.

If I paint it again, I may make the tailgate red...


...cause my ass is embarrassed!