Big things with little cars

This (was) love at first sight... HW VW Golf.

Ever pick up a diecast and just haul that baby straight to the register totally smitten with love and later regret it when you get home? Of COURSE you have!

Well this little VW Golf totally got me good. I thought this was the bee’s knees when I found it at WalMart the other day. Now that I have taken it out of the package... not impressed. The front grille/lights are way too unrefined. The tampos are a trainwreck and there’s pretty nasty casting rash in several places. I was also in love with the wheels on this... and now I hate ‘em. This is going straight to the PineSol vat and going to get cleaned up stat!

What do you guys think of this one? Nice Price or Crack Pipe? heh


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