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This Week's Hawl

Had some very unexpected and welcome finds this week.

The Shop Rite by my work must have been cleaning out their stock rooms because they had a wall full of older MBX and some fairly new HWs. The gem from that hawl was the Ferrari 5-pack but also the sweet Honda Civic Type R.


The next day, I stopped by the Stop & Shop and stumbled on a handful of older HWs that I haven’t seen around before. Love that Mastretta!

Then today happened. Since reading this article on The Western Diecast Review, I got the itch to find some of these Dodge A100s. I already had the red Firestone. Well, a quick stop at Toys R Us on the way home from work netted me this A100 and a regular Treasure Hunt.


Then I dropped by a different Stop & Shop and stumbled on this gift pack.


I normally don’t pick up multi-packs, but that A100 and sweet Batmobile made it worth it. Plus I can give the throwaways to my son to play with.

Overall, a very good week! Thanks for reading!

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