Sadly too late for Wagon Wednesday, but this is my main new build that I’m entering into Matchbox’s custom contest, a father-son snowboarding trip themed Volvo V60.

Basically the concept is that this is a guy’s mostly stock V60, with some slightly more sporty suspension work, rear flares, bigger wheels/tires, free-flow exhaust, and a custom painted Dutch flag on the roof á la the Swedish cross on the WTCC Polestar Volvos. He did go for a very Volvo blue, since that color just works best on these Swedes.

He is taking his son on a snowboarding adventure to the Alps, and obviously has to bring some gear with him, so on top is a roof box with snow chains and other luggage, plus the adult and kid-size snowboards.

These pictures are obviously taken somewhere in Germany, before hitting the Alps, as there is still ample vegetation and no snow. But we’ll catch up with them again later when the mountains come into view, I’m sure.


For now, enjoy your Thursdays! It’s gonna be a scorcher here in the Washington, DC area, with temperatures feeling like they are in the triple digits F (40 C if you live in countries with the much more rational system of measuring things like temperature, let alone distance, weight, volume, etc.)