Hi LaLD. For some reason I couldnt get this post to go out at the right time. For some reason it immedieatly went behind my top ten. (Freaking Kinja...) Here are a few others that didnt quite make it to the 10 best. Probably because Denny Hamlin wrecked them, tried to justify it, then decided to buy them a beer after and thought it would all be okay prior to tweeting about how sad he was for Kurt Busch. He’s a guy you love to cant stand. (He’s okay).

Denny Took Out: 10: 2014 Danica Patrick Go Daddy Peeker, 18: 2004 Bobby Labonte Interstate Primary, 14: 2014 Tony Stewart Bass Pro Vintage (orange), 9: 2018 Chase Elliott First win, 48 2018 Jimmie Johnson Lowes Patriotic Galaxy finish. (Arguably the loosest car johnson has ever driven).

And I can’t leave this one out. Never knew it was happening until my guy had it. Impulsive, but worth it. Its like the orb of confusion dont touch it, it will cause... CONFUSION. For those who havent seen, here are more pics:


👍 22wbt22