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Three-day Haul

The die-cast gods were on my side for the past three days, as I had no difficulty snapping up great HW castings from malls near our house.

Friday yielded a blue 2015 Mustang convertible with excellent Tampo placement. But the highlight was this steelie-shod Datsun. It is a milestone car for me, as it is the 1000th “1/64" car in my collection! More astonishingly, it was at the very front of the top left of the pegs, thus I did not even have to search for it.


Last night, I visited the other mall (opposite the first one), and browsed the HW display in the second mall’s toy store. Was surprised to see the Skyline as it should have been on the previous two batches, coupled with the high demand for anything JDM in general and Skyline in particular.

Also, the Escort and the first FnF GT-40 make a great pair!


Shortly after arriving home, I recieved information that the second mall had the latest batch, and with it the Porsche 934.5 and C7 Z06. A search at the grocery section just today, and I finally have both cars.


Kudos to HW for the great execution of the Porsche. It has a fantastic simple deco and the right wheels. And if you look closer, you will find that the interior is maroon (although that cannot be seen in the pictures above). It appears that the 934.5 shares the same interior as the 934. Also, the taillights are part of the window piece.

It has been a good weekend for my collection. I hope you will have a great weekend, too!

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