Big things with little cars

Throw Away Thursday...

Rush job, flawed model, will do better next time.
I’m rushing because I have to write 2 papers, or I would have spent more time with this 1990 BMW 3 Series, which hearkens back to the early years of Paul’s Model Art/Minichamps. Despite having no working features, other than the wheels, this is a pretty nice little piece.
Although my photos of it didn’t come out in focus, the dashboard is nicely detailed with printed dials. The rear axle is binding from the rear rims being pushed in too far, but I don’t usually roll these around too much.
So, without further ado, and without one wing and a prayer, we’ll begin...


Now that I see the photos, I realize I should have dusted a little more thoroughly, and popped the top-down-cover piece back in place.
I think I’m going to have to stop posting anything for a little while and concentrate on my class. Rushing things like this does no one any good.

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