Big things with little cars

Throwback Thursday

So this throwback is more of a digital throwback than an old cast throwback (although it’s that as well). Remember Computer Cars?

Back in 1996, Mattel embraced the computer fully by bringing the hot wheels world and Windows 95 together. They came with a 3.5” floppy that had all sorts of fun! Ok, three bits of fun. But also a car with a decent set of tampos!


Of course I got the Mustang and of course it has stayed and will remain on the card as its a package deal at this point. Plus, how am I going to remember that it’s Win95 compatible without the card? Also, to alleviate any fears of viruses from Mattel, installation is not required! And with 100Mb harddrives, who could afford to give up the HDD space to a toy!?


Since I started doing Internet tech support way back in 1999, this car/card is a bit of a mini time capsule for me. I’ve had to walk people through installing Internet Explorer and Netscape over the phone with these disks, so... :)

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