I was given this model when I was perhaps 10-12 in kit form, it was a duplicate of my older Bburago 250GTO in a slightly brighter red. My folks knew I couldn’t get enough of the GTO, even then! After building it I decided to make this one look like it had been through a hard 24 hours, and keep my first GTO original, a decision I’m now glad I made because my first one, though a humble Bburago, was my first real model and I love it more than any other in my collection. I remember being very careful with a ball peen hammer and pliers to tweak the fender, cutting the tape strips with an Exacto knife, using Testors model paint for details, and taking sandpaper to the tires. I think it came out pretty well considering my age at the time! Enjoy, and have a great holiday, LALD. This is a wonderful place because of its contributors.