So it's the time of the week where I show a random Oldie from my files - and today we have a model by Spanish maker Guisval. (Sorry about the poor picture - I took it a few years ago purely for my own reference.)

If you don't know the brand, Guisval is to Spain what Majorette is to France. And they are still going today, and still produce their models in Spain, amazing as that may seem.

They started off in 1962 in the town of Alicante, and by the early 70s made diecast cars (and other toys) in various scales - Matchbox sized ones included. And like Majorette, they mainly focused on local cars, with the odd foreign model thrown in.

And this one is a local model - SEAT's version of the Fiat 850 Coupe. Some people call it the prettiest of all Fiats - it certainly looks like a proper little sports car.


But back to Guisval. They started off making plastic models of turn of the century cars, for whatever reason.

By the late 1960s, they made racing cars and by the early 70s they had moved to the production of everyday cars such as this.

Today, they focus on Rally cars and various truck and motorcycle models - several of which I would love to add to my collection. But they are hard to find (even in Spain, or so I am told) and ebay prices and postage are a killer. Who knows, maybe one day I'll manage.


Their website seems to be stuck in the year 2012 at the moment - but it is still worth a look:…

Oh - and take a look at this pic - the Guisval "factory" in the early to mid 1960s - less than 10 years before the model above was made. Child labour? Tick. Complete absence of any sort of OH&S? Tick. Fire hazard? Tick. So much for the good old days...