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[Throwback Thursday] Kyosho Beads ARTA NSX 2007

I’m giving throwback to one of my favorite cars of all time, which sadly, I had to sell because of an emergency (laptop got stolen last September, need a new one for work).


This is a Kyosho Beads ARTA NSX, a car driven by Daisuke Ito and former F1 driver Ralph Firman for the 2007 Super GT season in Japan. This car actually won the both the constructor’s and driver’s championship that year, with the team being led by Keiichi Tsuchiya.

With this being a “Beads” model of Kyosho, the details are extremely superb compared to a regular blindbox/lottery Kyosho. If you compare this with Tomica, it’s like Tomica Limited vs, Tomical Limited Vintage Neo. The antenna being as thin as a nylon wire, the carefully painted wheels including the brake calipers, the detailed interiors — it’s so beautiful that the pictures here (especially I’m using a crappy camera phone) won’t do justice.


Here’s a picture of it before I sold it out of desperation and panic last Sepember. I even had the Raybrig version, which I haven’t even opened yet for photography. Good thing that I sold them off to a close friend though!

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