Big things with little cars

This may not be the most detailed, the most expensive or the rarer diecast F40, but for me it’s the best. In my 9th birthday (almost 18 years ago), in 1999, my parents gave me some diecast models, and this was the beginning of my collection. Among these cherished models, this sweet Ferrari F40, one of my favorites from the whole bunch.


This last photo shows how a 20 year model holds to time being exposed to dust, humidity and sweaty hands. In overall, it’s still in a pretty good shape, but there’s dust on some crevices I can’t remove, the wheels aren’t that shiny anymore and the painting is a bit dull. However, you can view it as patina, so it makes this Ferrari unique!

Also, note how high is the ride height! MBX had these awesome suspensions...

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