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Throwback Thursday on Thames: Rolls Royce by Summer

Never heard of this brand but probably something I would have taken to the donation center when I last cleaned the garage. I picked this up a few weeks ago from a loose car bin for $0.50. Why? Well probably a few LaLDers might appreciate it. And it’s made in Hong Kong.

Woops, forgot I can’t stick my hand in there that quickly during long-exposure

It took me a few weeks to getting around to posting this. Not quite the level of mintyness as vdubyajohn’s I mean it’s missing the hood ornament — but the obnoxious Rolls Royce logo and Spirit of Ecstasy decals are still somewhat intact.


If anyone wants it, just let me know and I’ll keep it on the side for you while I gather other diecasts worthy of sending. Otherwise, I kinda like it. My entire family was likely still living in Hong Kong when this was made.

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