Today we’re going wayyyy back in time - to when Moses was playing half-back for the South Sydney Rabittohs and even I was still a few years away from being born.

These models have been in my family since new, and as you can expect, they have a few miles on them. They must have been bought for my older brother, as they date from the early 60s - though even he was only very small then. Above is the Karrier Bantam 2-Ton Coca-Cola Truck - with Grey Plastic Wheels. Below is the Ford Thames Wrecker - also with GPW:

This one would have had some decals on the side, but they are long gone. But it still does have the original tow hook, which is a bit of a miracle. I do remember “recovering” crashed cars off the orange Hot Wheels track with it!


The last one for today is the Scammel Snow Plough. Much loved, but still amazingly inctact - a tribute to the sturdy construction of these models. What but really saved them from total distruction was something else - the introduction of Hot Wheels and Superfast models.

They rolled! They had suspension! You could race them down the track! As soon as these were out, the old regular wheels disappeared into a box and were hardly used again.


There’s not much value in them in this condition, but what price family memories?