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Thursday by the Thames: Lotus Europa Circuit Wolf

Today’s British entry has a distinctive Japanese flavor: While the Lotus is British enough, the model is one from the manga “Circuit Wolf” - or “Circuit no Okami” in Japanese.

As a typical Racing manga, the cars are the stars - and in this case, it is almost all European ‘70s Supercars.


The Lotus is the car of the main character, and this is about all I can tell you. As this cartoon goes all the way back to the 1970s, there is very little about it online - and I will have to look a bit more into the whole thing.

This isn’t the first time Tomica has offered “Circuit Wolf” models - the first two Gift Sets came out all the way back in 1977, and there was a late 1990s Gift Set as well. If you want one, be prepared to hand over large amounts of JPYs.


The current offering you see here is not one of the old F-Series casting however. This is a variation of the Premium casting from 2015. While the level of detail is good and the wheels are great, it does lack the solid feeling and opening doors of the old Tomica model.


So if you like it, get one while you can - this is bound to be another future classic. The Japanese are still nuts about this old Manga - and people have recreated the imaginary races with real cars - a sight to see!

I’m hoping we’ll see more Circuit Wolf from Tomica soon. Some of the castings are already in place - they just need the proper paint job.

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