Picked up two maisto cars a Ford Thunder Bird and a Baja Beetle (<3)

Hot wheels : 2001 First edition Ford Thundetbolt

2002 First edition Lancia Statos (this one will not be opened which is rare for me)


Yellow Enzo Ferrari

2010 1967 Shelby GT-500 in an amazing metalic green

Yellow 72 Ranchero

68 Chevy Nova in metalic flat green (spectraflame?)

Then an ebay package arrived today full of Micro Machines!!! I was super excited to get these. When i was a wee lad i love micro machines.


So I picked up

AW11 Toyota MR2 ! 1990 Miata ! 1985ish RX-7! Renult 5 Turbo! Two porsche race cars and a porsche speedster