Big things with little cars

I recently joined a local FaceBook group that is stuff for sale and saw this lot of 39 hot wheels for 30 bucks. I first hit the seller up because it had one cast I have been looking for but backed out. Then the missus brought me couple home from Dollar General and I was like I need to see if that lot was still for sale and it was, 10 minutes later I had them.

Here is most of the lot my oldest claimed a 56 Chevy truck for doing the driving.


Here is the one I wanted out of it. I just purchased a 1:1 D21 for a for a daily so finding one of these was high on the list.

So here is the two that prompted me to hit the guy back up. The 1987 Toyota is a funny story I had one a couple years ago at Wal-Mart but didn’t pull it off the carousel after checking out and have been looking for one ever sense. The 56 Ford just looks cool. Sorry for the crappy pic this is my phone I am dealing with.

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