Haven’t done a “Thursday of the Thames” for way too long.

Many find the Bentley Mulsanne unattractive (the facelift version is ugly), I for one find it charming. I guess I’m one of those that doesn’t want a “typical” Rolls Royce. But also I’m someone that doesn’t mind driving myself if I have the money for one. Which is one of the key objective for the Mulsanne.

This particular cast is by Kyosho and is superb. One interesting thing about this particular Kyosho I bought is that it doesn’t come in the flimsy plastic cover but a full acrylic case with the car being screwed to the base. My other favorite thing is the elegant two tone paint. One thing I don’t like however, are the wheel design they look boring and prefer the 5 spoke on the Mulsanne Speed. But this is a luxury limo after all and “bling bling” wheels are very common from Rolls to Maybach.