As a McLaren fan, I’ve been hunting for this model for quite some time. I finally found it on Amazon India and here it is.

As with the norm with Majorette, this is a 1/60th scale model. This model, from Majorette’s Street Cars series from last year’s catalog, is in a shade closest to the Mantis Green shade from the McLaren catalog.

It is a well done casting with enough details all around. I do have a couple of gripes starting with the wheel. But Majorette seems to have corrected this with a much better looking wheel in the 2018 version of this mode.


The ride height is another minor issue and if I had the skills and the patience to get down to customization, I would try to lower this if possible.


The biggest problem though for me - the glaring gap visible under the front wheel arch where you can actually see the steering wheel and the dashboard through the gap between the wheel and the arch. I am a big Majorette fan and this is the last thing I expected to see.