When it comes to jokes, it’s all about the delivery. And everybody knows that the British are famous for their comedy. Maybe that’s why they invented that most ubiquitous of delivery vehicles, the Ford Transit.

Let’s look at three examples: a Hot Wheels Star Trek series first generation Ford Transit Supervan, a Matchbox second generation, second facelift Ford Transit, and a Majorette second generation, pre-facelift Ford Transit pickup.

As you can see, the Majorette is slightly larger than the two Mattel brands, but then again, it’s 1:60 scale, as opposed to 3" scale. Both Matchbox and Majorette have springy suspension, but the Hot Wheels, of course, has those nice rubber Real Riders.


Three cool versions of one of the most utilitarian and most versatile vehicles on the planet. Which one’s your cup of tea?


I found an Android app called Optical Flares, but it’s kind of annoying. I can only add one flare at a time, and I definitely need to play around with the look. But this blue Transit should really turn down it’s high beams in a residential area...