I know I parked it around here somewhere.

This paint is so thick. All details were lost in the paint. It’ll be stripped and given a classy paint job (again). And yes I painted the rock.

I found the MBX Evoque at a local dollar store.


First off the Tampos are amazing. That grill, the lights. The definition on these Tampos is perfection. So what’s wrong with it, you ask...

I started putting tail lights on my Jag

It doesn’t have an interior. Or windows for that matter. The metallic orange paint and great Tampos are safe from me. (for now)


On to the Updates. The Green Beamer Gang has a new member.

And there’s a 1 series in the stripper. As soon as I get a few more I’ll detail and make a post about the deadly Green Beamer Gang.


The Ferrari 330 P4 was stripped and shined.

I always have a hard time painting cars after I spend an hour or two shining them up with 000 steel wool.


My “June Custom Challenge” car is coming along. I’m finally going to not paint over all that beautifully shined Zamac.


Axle tubes are too long on purpose

I had to cut off the side cages to get it to fit right, but I’ve already reattached them. That circuit board is for looks (all electric components are for looks).

I am not very good at detail painting, but I am getting a bit better


The green looked great before the clear coat. The lines have bled a bit.

As it sits on the jar of paint the interior is being attached straight to the base. I can still get the body off to add turn signals, door handles, and stuff. I want the interior set before final placement of the electric motor.


Thanks for reading my ramblings.