Thursday on the Thames - X-ray Mini

Have had this Morris Mini for the longest time, yet I’ve never photographed it! So today I decided to shoot some pics of the car along with a Mini Cooper logo sticker (OK, I know I know..... Hot Wheels explicitly stated their toy was a ‘Morris Mini’, but hey, technically it’s the same car!). Did some ‘X-Ray’ on it too ;)


This casting of the Mini is from their 2014 mainline release IIRC. The last ‘year 2000’ tooling to be used by HW before they retooled the Mini casting. Body can be separated from the chassis on the 2000 tooling, but recently HW retooled it to prevent the body from being popped open. A shame, as the casting has lost a bit of its play / gimmick value.

*BTW Happy Independence Day America!

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