I started by running the dirt and sand directly into the water. The water level kept dropping because the dirt was soaking it up.

It soaked up a lot of water

So I knew I’d have to paint my plastic lake black. As the first coat went on, I noticed a yellow Miata

I have too many yellow cars

Between coats I rearranged some dirt and sand.


For coat 2 the Miata got in on the action.

I really need to strip the Miata first. I probably will & paint it again. I was impatient.

I went for a white interior. Not sure how my tape job on the roll bar will turn out.


Between all the coats of paint on the car and the lake, I made some decent progress on the scenery.


I might end up filling the lake with gravel. We’ll see when its full. I’ll be grinding up leaves tomorrow and looking for more trees in my yard. When the Miata is done, the lake will get filled .