I’ve been seeing this car for months now, in one of the bins at the indoor/outdoor flea baths, and I finally picked it up more because I was tired of seeing it over and over. I was sure the side windows had been broken out during play, but when I got it home I decided to look it up; this is what I found:

It’s made by Tintoys, and it never had any side windows, that was a relief to learn. I had already planned on how to bend a thin piece of plastic from one door to the other and give it back its glass, but I don’t have to bother. However,

It’s supposed to have a spoiler on the rear, and some sort of lip or spoiler thingy on the front. I found this all out on this site, which will translate itself for you:


This is what it’s supposed to look like; no side windows...Yay! but two chrome spoilers, one on either end. Dang!


Oh well, maybe I’ll find a parts car and be able to restore it to close to its former glory...or not...

I also learned that Tintoys diecast have a numbering system where each one starts with W.T. - This one, for instance, is W.T. 206.


I really needed another project, so...