Big things with little cars

A few weeks ago I picked up a diorama set from a newish Hong Kong company called Tiny. It wasn’t until now that I remembered that I bought it so opened it up to play around with.

Quality-wise, it says no glue required but the pieces don’t actually connect up so once it’s laid out, it can’t really be lifted. There are a few sticker sheets and I suppose the line marking stickers can be used to keep the pieces together. I decided not to apply the stickers yet as I wanted to see how it all fits, and also due to a lack of space, wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave it out. Bottom line, this is no Tomicarama, and rightly so since this only costs about 1/4 of what Tomicaramas go for.

The miscellaneous stuff like the bin, signs and speed camera are all quite neat and probably will look better with the stickers on them.


After having seen the photos, I am quite please with how the cars look on it so may continue using it as my photo setup from now on.

What it should look like with stickers applied

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